Look like the innocent flower

-But be the serpent under't

Augustus Rookwood
9 October 1955
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Name: Augustus Rookwood

Gender: Male

Year & house: Outside of school, but he was in Slytherin

Affiliation: Death Eater, most decidedly

Appearance: Augustus is an interesting fellow; tall, dark, swarthy and pockmarked (though the latter is rarely obvious until you get up close). Some have gone so far as to call him, handsome, but his looks are not to everyone’s taste. Augustus has dark green eyes whose expression is often hard to read. They can change from one moment to the next, one second burning with warmth that’s hard not to like, the next cold, hard and as bottomless as eternity.

Augustus favours suits. This is a man who was born wearing a suit. His style and taste has improved over the years, so he’s gone from a grey three piece suit with orange ties to a tailored one in colours ranging from dark, dark blue to jet black.

For the moment, Augustus holds himself tall and confidently. In later years, he’ll stoop, but that’s all in the future, the present is what matters.

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History: Augustus Rookwood was born (suit ready and waiting) on the 9th of October 1955. His parent’s story is a woeful one. Both were once members of prominent wizarding families whose wealth and power depended on simply being pure blooded. Hampered perhaps by the affects of inbreeding, when the eye of public opinion began to look more favourably on talented wizards from less puritanic backgrounds, both families failed to adapt to the change and consequently lost most of their former power. Reduced to living in a mere Kensington town house, Augustus’ parents (Archibald and Agatha) brought their son up in the bitterness of wounded pride and a loveless marriage. His whole belief system was based on the understanding that the mudbloods had stolen magic and no more worthy of it than house elves.

He was an only child. His conception had been the result of a brief burst of friendliness between his mother and father, which had since subsided into mutual indifference, never to rise again. His father worked long hours in the Ministry, avoiding home life as much as possible. When he did appear, it was only to instruct his son in the importance of a good work ethic, as of course, Augustus didn’t want to take after his good-for-nothing grandfather, who sat back in his armchair and let the mudbloods take control.

His mother also spent most of her time out of the house. She would go out with her friends and wealthy acquaintances most days, always networking, always trying to get herself and her family ahead in the world. Augustus was left mostly to his own devices, under the watchful eye of the family portraits. Bored, he would play with the local Muggle children, using every tool in his arsenal to get his way. He’d been to enough of his mother’s duplicitous dinner parties to know how to wind people around his little finger.

The first example Augustus could ever recall of his parent’s affection for him came when he came to leave for Hogwarts. He was given a new owl by his father and his mother even cried slightly when the train pulled away from the station.

When he arrived at school, it became obvious that his mother’s ambition had rubbed off on him. The sorting hat declared him a Slytherin within seconds of touching his head and Augustus soon found integrated himself with the most influential people in the school. Despite braking out into hideous acne during his teenage years, Augustus managed to remain popular his entire school career. He had an easy manner and a natural ability for flattery, not to mention a good brain too. In the eyes of the compassionate observer, he got in with the wrong crowd. Whilst no friend to Muggleborns, Augustus was at his worst ambitious. His involvement with certain people, who would later become Death Eaters, set him on a slippery slope.

Augustus obtained good grades at O.W.L s (exceeding in Transfiguration) and excellent marks in his N.E.W.T s. When he applied for a job at the Ministry, he was accepted immediately into the Improper Use of Magic Office. Augustus did well there. He networked almost continually and within a few years of leaving school had got a position in the Department of Mysteries.

It was at this point that the friends and contacts he had made at Hogwarts, introduced him into the, organisation. Naturally, Augustus had heard of the Dark Lord, had openly proclaimed a wish that He was Minister for Magic at school.

It had taken but one reminder of the wrongs his own family had suffered since the decline of pureblood dynasty, before Augustus began his career as a spy. He used his considerable people skills to persuade members of almost every Department inside the Ministry to pass information to him. He set bugs; he listened at keyholes and even stooped so low as to leaf through Alastor Moody’s rubbish bin in an attempt to discover more secrets.

Augustus remains undiscovered and has risen through the ranks of the Death Eaters to become one The Dark Lord’s most valuable servants. However, as the tension builds, Augustus is finding his task more and more dangerous.

Personality: Augustus is a chameleon. In his early years he learned the skills from his mother and has utilised them to his advantage all through his life. He can be likeable to any sort of person. He can seem harmless, or dangerous, powerful or helpless, depending on the situation and company.

He’s a very complex individual and to reach the real him, you’d have to climb down through several layers of protection, but what you’d find probably wouldn’t have been worth the journey. Basically, he’s power hungry and frightened of going unnoticed. In his view, the end justifies the means and he believes in the superiority of purebloods almost religiously.

His softest spot would be the non-existent legacy of his family. If someone whom he esteemed (i.e. another Death Eater) directed a jibe in that area, he’d definitely appear to laugh but secretly be adding that person to his list of people to offer to the Ministry if he ever got caught.

He’s clever and has been able to keep the Dark Lord informed of the Ministry’s movements with very good accuracy for a number of years now. This is his greatest pride. Most of his life he has simply climbed whatever social ladder existed, but now he feels as if he’s the one building a new ladder. He feels the idea however, if far bigger than the any one person, if The Dark Lord went down, Rookwood would try his hardest not to go down with him.